About the company

TIP Systems B.V. works on innovation and offers consultation services, among other things.

Originally, its innovation work concentrated mainly on developing (new) solutions to socially relevant problems related to security, to privacy and/or to traffic information or traffic pricing systems. When the company was founded in March 2001, the acronym TIP in its name standed for Traffic Information & Pricing.

Nowadays, its innovation work is much more diverse and can relate to any subject that catches its interest. For example, it has developed (new) solutions related to the design of caravans and motorhomes.

Fully in accordance with the very courteous (and allegedly Jewish or Chinese) curse: "I wish you lots of personnel", TIP Systems B.V. intentionally is a very small company having only one employee: its 'general director' and only shareholder Wiebren de Jonge. So, if you wish to know more about TIP Systems you need to know more about him.


TIP Systems B.V.
Alex Bennostraat 4
1325 PB  Almere
The Netherlands
tel.: +31.36.5450322